The best solution requires a service center

We define the digital strategy, design a roadmap, and then provide project management on delivery with the right leadership. By working together on a regular basis, we can deliver proofs of concept, models and analysis during the strategy and planning phase. From there we measure and manage the project to achieve results.

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• We administer and manage service centers for different business models • We provide remote / on-site solution center solutions for the client and / or end user • We attend and solve PQR, problems and technical requirements, installation and after-sales services, accompaniments, different support services, among others • Reduce operating costs, improve response times, eliminate bottlenecks, Increase your relationship with customers and users, improve your service indicators

• Services desk • Service center • Services delivery • Help desk • PUC (single point of contact) • Resolvers levels 2-3-4 • Call – contact center

• Tables implemented with productivity KPIs • Use of IT enablers, AI tools, machile learning, chats, bots, others • 7x24x365 coverage • Services by period (days, weeks, months) • Staff of different professional level and experience • On-site or remote support

• 360 value proposition in service centers • Global vision of your needs and solutions • End-to-end integral projects